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bike 100 Following closely the route of the Whithorn Way there is going to be a charity bike ride between Paisley and Whithorn taking place on the 8th April 2017. This is to raise funds for "Classrooms for Malawi".
The organisers are keen to encourage as many riders as possible and are also happy for those who only want to cycle a part of the 100 mile route to also take part.

The event is being set up by "Team Renfrewshire" and contact with them is best achieved by linking to their Facebook page.

The Whithorn Way Steering group wish "Team Renfrewshire" and all the riders every success in this charitable venture.

Whithorn Way Bookmark To assist with the awareness and promotion of the pilgrimage way we have just received a batch of attractive double sided leaflets which can also act as a very useful bookmark.

Printed on a firm glossy card this will be a useful promotional handout at steering group meeting, exhibition stalls and at many locations of interest along the length of the Way.
With clear detail of the Way's website and facebook presence the interested pilgrim can quickly find all the information they need on the Way to allow them to get out and enjoy the experience.

The production of the leaflets/bookmarks was funded by Walking Support, a walking business that is committed to the development of pilgrimage ways and supporting walkers on many long distance walking routes.

Wynd Centre Paisley January saw the Steeering Group back in action with a very full and interesting agenda. The meeting was held for the first time in the Wynd Centre in Paisely, a very interesting and impressive centre offering meeting space, councilling services and a cafe facility. This is a part of Oakshaw Trinty Church.
One of the main topic for consideration was a potential collaborative project with the Whithorn Trust (who are active members of the Steering Group) and if this has success with funding applications we could see very new and exciting promotional material and developments that would bring our collective interests into the 21st century and accessable by smart phone and tablet technology.

The steering group meeting of the 26th October 16 was held in the Halls of St Mirin's Cathedral in Paisley. This was the steering group's second visit to the Cathedral and on this occasion the new parish priest Father Oliver Freeney was able to spend a short time with group.
The steering group was also strengthened with two new members, these being Lynn Rew and Martin Bonar.
Progress continues within the group in terms of mapping, route information, marketing material and perhaps most importantly working with groups and individuals in setting up and supporting pilgrim walks on this route in the spring and summer of 2017. Also discussed in some depth was the matter of future funding to allow the steering group to accelerate the awareness raising and development of the pilgrim way.
More detail and images from the meeting can be found on the Whithorn Way Facebook page.

Steering group at Glasgow Cathedral The most recent meeting of the Steering Group was held courtesy of the Glasgow Cathedral congregation on the 2nd September. The meeting being held in their offices in the St Mungo Museum building adjacent to the Cathedral.

The group has expanded with the return of the Vice chairman of Kilwinning Heritage, Willie Robertson, and as with the prior meeting his knowledge and input was much appreciated. We also had for the latter part of the meeting Adrian Cox of Historic Envirionment Scotland who later provide us with a guided tour around the Cathedral.

Also present and updating the steering group about her forthcoming research and book publication was Valentina Bold of Glasgow University.

Steering group at Glasgow Cathedral For the first time the meeting was also conducted with a video conferencing link back to Whithorn where Alex Currie, one of the group members, was able to contribute to the meeting without the need for a long distance drive to and from the meeting. This second image showing Alex contributing via the screen link at the bottom end of the conference table.

Considerable progress in promoting and developing support information for walkers had been made and plans for further develpment activity was discussed. The group had also received two requests from groups planning to walk this pilgrimage route in 2017 and the steering group has agreed to work with them as they plan for their events.

The next Steering Group Meeting will be held in Paisley at St Mirin's Cathedral and is scheduled for Wednesday 26th October. As with all our meetings, this is open to any interested person to attend.

Steering group at Kilwinning The end of June saw the steering group meet at Kilwinning Old Parish Church locally known as The Abbey Church, another key point where the Whithorn Way passes on its way south to Whithorn.

The group was joined by the Vice chairman of Kilwinning Heritage, Willie Robertson, and this proved to be most helpful in forging new contacts from relevant organisations on the line of the pilgrimage.

Following a very productive meeting where important forward plans were discussed there was a guided tour given by Kilwinning Heritage of the Abbey Ruins and the Kilwinning Abbey Tower Heritage Centre.

For much more information on Kilwinning Heritage link to
For more information on Kilwinning Old Parish Church link to

Steering group at Barrhill Early April saw the steering group visit Barrhill were a very successful meeting was hosted by the Barrhill Community Council. This meeting was particularly helpful as there were several local representatives present at the meeting and they were very helpful in providing a local perspective on this pilgrimage route development.

Following the meeting some of the steering Group were led by Celia Strain on a walk to the Martyrs' Tomb, this being a grave for Covenanters from the 17th century.

Steering group at St Margaret's Cathedral The first meeting of 2016 was hosted by St Margaret's Cathedral in Ayr. This was kindly set up for us by the Cathedral Canon and was attended by both the Canon and the Bishop of Galloway in whose diocesan Ayr resides.

Apart from a very hospitable welcome both Bishop Nolan and Canon Keegans participated fully in a lively two hour meeting that looked at and planned for ongoing strategic developments, promotion and route refinements for this pilgrimage way. Following the meeting some of the steering group took the afternoon to walk a part of the route in the Prestwick to Troon section, this helping to firm up on what will become the defined route in this section.

The photo on the left was taken inside the cathedral sanctuary. For more information on St Margaret's Cathedral and its congregation click on this link.

Images from the test walk looking at route options that link Troon and Prestwick.
Two options were considered, the Ayrshire Coastal Path which stays close to the beach and the path that forms a combined cycle and walking route.

Coastal path heading north from Prestwick : Beach walk with Troon in the distance : Views west over to Arran : Ruins of St Nicholas' Church Prestwick

Appalachian waymarker While on the coastal route we came across the "Appalachian Trail" Waymarker shown on the left.
This was not the only waymarker passed, there were ones with the Rotary logo and on the cycle and walking path there were the usual good signage that identifies national cycle route 7.

The Appalachian Trail at this point carries the Saltire flag and the wording "Land of Burns, Bruce and Wallace". For more information on the Appalachian Trail link to
To learn more about the Appalachian Trail activities in Scotland click on the saltire flag on the above linked website.

Meetings and activities of the Steering Group held in the last quarter of 2015 have been as follows:
  • Attendance and presentation to the St Ninian's ways review meeting chaired by Historic Environment Scotland - Friday 6th November at 11 am
  • Steering Group Meeting at the Whithorn Trust Offices - Wednesday 28th October
  • Trial walk from St Ninian's Cave to the Isle of Whithorn - Wednesday 28th October (for more information in this walk link to St Ninian's Cave to St Ninian's Chapel.

Steering group at Renfrewshire Council The September 2015 meeting was held in the offices of Renfrewshire Council in Paisley. This was kindly hosted by the Tourism Development section of the Economic Development Department.

This meeting followed a longer interval to that intended but with many of the group heavily committed over the summer period with work demands, and the group having used the summer days to work on route testing and development this was inevitable.

The meeting was a very full one with some interesting opportunities and developments to discuss. The fact that this meeting was hosted by Renfrewshire Council gave a clear indication that this council is very enthusiastic about the Whithorn Way passing through its area.

The photo on the right was taken inside the meeting room and shows all but one of the steering group present on that day.

Steering group at Paisley Since the initial meeting there have been further meetings at Whithorn held within the Whithorn Trust premises and at St Mirin's Cathedral in Paisley.

Significant progress has been made at each of the meetings and the steering group now has a plan to meet on a six weekly basis with hopefully each meeting being held in different locations along the length of the Way.

The photo on the left was taken outside St Mirin's Cathedral in Paisley where our March 2015 meeting was held.

Steering group at Lochwinnoch May 2015 saw the steering group meeting moving out into one of the communities that are on the line of the Way.
It also saw the meeting taking on an added activity when following the business meeting the group went out onto the walking route to both check the route and to help to raise local awareness.
The meeting was held at the Lochwinnoch RSPB reserve and the manger of the site along with other staff and volunteers gave the group a warm welcome and greaat hospitality. There was a clear recognition that both the Steeribng group and the RSPB reserve could support one another and with time help to work to bring more visitors to the area, centre and the Whithorn Way.
The picture above shows RSPB and Steering Group members at the entrance to the reserve and viewing centre. If yoy are looking for more information on the RSPB reserve and its activites click on this link.

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Following the formal meeting there was a further meeting with the Senior Countryside Ranger who covers the Castle Semple Centre on the western shore of Lochwhinnoch. This was also a very helpful conversation and as the route passes directly past the centre all coudl see the benefits of working together and promoting the facilites that the Centre and the Clyde Muirshiel Regional Park can bring to walkers on the pilgrim route.
There then followed a walk by some of the group on the defined Whithorn Way as it passes on the western side of the loch.

Clear signage on the route : Interpretive panel at Parkhill Wood : Castle Semple Collegiate Church : Lochside path

SPRF Logo The Steering Group is made up of some individuals and organisations who may be outwith the membership of the Scottish Pilgrim Routes Forum (SPRF). As such the Steering Group is independent of SPRF but it does maintain close links with SPRF and its work forms a key element in the Forum's plans and long term vision.
The Whithorn Way as with other routes such as the Fife Pilgrimage Way, the Three Saints Way (a part of a larger Iona to St Andrews pilgrimage route) and the Forth to Farne all are identified as priority pilgrimage routes in varying stages of development and all plan to adhere to the standards that SPRF are developing in terms of what makes for a successful and recognised pilgrimage route.

Whithorn Way Leaflet


One of the first tasks of the Steering Group has been to develop some early promotional information on the Way along with information on the work and objectives of the Steering Group. This has resulted in an informative leaflet that is being used to introduce the trail and its opportunities to the many local communities and church congregations along the length of the Whithorn Way.

This leaflet contains

  • Route map
  • Route Description
  • Places of Interest
  • A brief history of pilgrimage
  • Modern day pilgrimage
This leaflet can be downloaded by simply clicking on this link.

News Cuttings

In this section we are showing cuttings that have been identifed as relating to the work of the Whithorn Way and its Steering Group.

Click on the cutting to read or download a PDF copy.

Wigtonshire Free Press - 24 September 2015

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